Sermon March 11, 2012

I’m not into piles. I’m the anti-hoarder. Always throwing stuff out. We’ve been trying to figure out why our boys bring home such low marks in Art. I think I know why. Early on they’d bring home a ‘sculpture’ that looked a glue stick had blown up in the toilet paper drawer or a drawing that looked like they’d doodled it using a pencil between their toes. Those things would sit for 15 minutes on the kitchen counter and then I’d sneak them out to the trash. Just trying to keep a clean house!  “Anyone seen my Art Project?” All eyes go my direction. Poor kids, they weren’t very art-affirmed.

Turns out piles can be a problem for human beings, a big problem. God has things to say about piles so listen in.

Of course, none of this justifies the premature trips to the trash can for those art projects!


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