Sermon April 1 2012

I don’t remember what I did or who was in the angry crowd that surrounded me, but I do remember being on my stomach in the ditch looking up and seeing the culvert that ran underneath a driveway and thinking to myself, “If I can just get in there, I’ll be safe!”  I was in grade 3 and I was in a desperate place.  As I was wriggling my way to the mouth of the culvert, the kicking suddenly stopped, the crowd parted and of all people, Grant Jeffery, a grade 8 kid in a leather jacket, was there holding out his hand to me, inviting me to get up.  He didn’t say much (anything that I can remember) but he did walk me half the way home.  Sweet rescue!

April 1st, 2012 – Andrew Allison Luke 19 1-10

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