Sermon April 15th, 2012

Christians are never alone. We don’t believe we obey a dead leader. We don’t promote a good cause started by former great humanitarian leader. We believe Jesus is God and that He is alive and that, by His Spirit, he is alive in us. We’re never alone. And its even better when there’s two of us together. Two of us out together, on a walk, discussing the things close to our hearts is magnetic to this Jesus who loves us. That’s today’s story, the story of Emmaus. “Come on, lets go for a walk together!”

April 15th, 2012 – Andrew Allison Luke 24 13-35

Luke study questions

Luke 24 :13-35

1. These two guys were super-discouraged. Can you recall a time in your life when you were ‘super-discouraged’?

2. Why would Jesus take the time to meet with just 2 guys out for a walk? Why not go to the temple and show himself to hundreds?

3. (v.16) Why does God do stuff like keep these two from ‘recognizing Jesus’ at the beginning?

4. The ‘show stopper’ for these two (perhaps for all of the disciples) was the Messiah experiencing suffering. Their picture of Messiah didn’t include their hero experiencing suffering. What does it mean to you (maybe to the world) that Jesus suffered? Is there any possible good in your suffering?

5. (v.27) Do you know any Scriptures (from Moses and the Prophets) that point to Jesus being the Messiah?

6.(v.32) Have you ever had a time in your life when you were hearing such truth that your heart ‘burned within you’? Tell the story.

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