Sermon April 22, 2012

Together again!  Every Sunday morning is like a massive family re-union and it would not be the same without you!  You matter to us and you matter to God, the One who made you for His love.  This morning as you prepare to focus your attention (that’s worship!) on Him, you might try saying this simple prayer from an older song:

Jesus stand among us, in Your risen power.

Let this time of worship, be a sacred hour.

Again, glad that you are here!

April 22nd, 2012 – Liz Honeyford Luke 24:36-53

Luke 24:36-53

1.  Read verse 36.  What is the message that Jesus has when he encounters his followers?  What anxiety do you have in your life?  What keeps you from the peace that Jesus offers?

2.  Read verses 37-43. How did Jesus reveal himself to the disciples?  Have you had a real life encounter with Jesus?

3.  Read verses 44-46. What did he tell them? (44) Why is it necessary to know that the Scriptures testify to Jesus? What can we learn here about reading and studying the Bible?

4.  Read verses 47-49. What was Jesus’ vision and plan for the future? What was their part in it? How would He equip them for their task? What does this mean to us? Share with others your story with Jesus.

5.  Read verses 50-53. How do you imagine it was like when Jesus was taken up into heaven? What hope does this event plant in the disciples’ hearts? How had they been changed?  What about you?  Do you have this great joy?  Can you share with others what Jesus has done for you?

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