Sermon May 27, 2012

The earliest Christians got themselves into trouble by saying the words “Jesus is LORD!”. They lived when Rome was the superpower and Caesar was considered a god. The entire population greeted each other with the obligatory “Caesar is Lord”. Everyone said it…. but not the Christians. They stood up to the tidal wave that was Rome and said “Not here, not for me. In this place for this person, Jesus is LORD.”  They caught flak for it. Persecution, jeers and flogging, chained and imprisoned, stoned, sawn in two, fed to lions, the works. They faced such hardship because they were convinced that hope and life was found only in Jesus. Here in this place, this day, in the same Spirit, some of us will make the same declaration : “JESUS IS LORD!”. Could be trouble.

Instead of a sermon this week we heard Testimonies from those becoming members of  St. Paul’s Leaskdale.

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