Sermon June 10, 2012

I remember one vacation we took out West when we ran out of money. We were in Kenora on our home to Stoney Creek. My parents told us, “We’ve run out of money. We have enough to eat and for gas but not for lodging so we’re just going to drive until we get home.”  24 hours later we rolled into our driveway! My parents must have been exhausted. Ontario is one huge province. You can get to Florida in 24 hours of driving! That story remains fixed in my mind as a model of how Allisons solve problems: we’re honest about it, admit what we can’t do, but then stretch what we can do right to the limit to solve it.  Maybe a good question would be; why did we run out of money in the first place? In today’s passage the church has a problem and it’s interesting to watch how they solve it.

Sermon, June 10th, 2012 – Andrew Allison Acts 6

Acts 6 Study Questions

  1. Describe a time when your family faced a problem. How did each family member approach it?
  2. The apostles were clear about their ‘job’ within the church, preach and pray. The new team that Stephen led had the job of distributing food to widows. What might your job be within the church?
  3. The church went looking for men (women in leadership was just around the corner) who were “known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom.” What do those two qualities look like?
  4. Stephen was helping widows and doing great wonders and miraculous signs. You’d think everyone on the planet would be glad to see that happening, but he faced opposition. Why do you think these people opposed Stephen? Why are people sometimes against those who believe in Jesus?
  5. What problem are you or your family facing today (right now)? Is God saying anything to you about how you could walk through it?

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