Sermon July 1, 2012

God loves Great Reversals. A coward becomes a military commander in Gideon, a widow becomes a mother in Ruth, the boy David beats a warrior giant Goliath in hand to hand combat,  a stuttering shepherd becomes God’s spokesperson to a million people in Moses. The first shall be last and the last first, the hungry are fed and the rich leave empty handed. God loves this stuff! I guess in the end Christians hold to this hope : it ain’t over yet! Whatever foregone situation you find yourself in may just be setting up for a great reversal.  Christ is Risen!   Anything can happen.


Sermon, July 1st, 2012 – Andrew Allison Acts 9

Acts 9 Study Questions

1. Growing up who was your favourite villain/bad guy? What was it about that character that you loved to hate?

2. Saul was incensed with Christians. Why might that have been?

3. Jesus met Saul personally on the Damascus Road, what does that tell you about the heart of God?

4. When Saul was blind he took the time to fast so he could listen to God. How do you ‘listen for God’ in your life?

5. What did it mean for Saul that ‘he must suffer for My name?” What might it mean for you?

6. Ananias must have felt like a hamburger at a Grizzly Bear convention when he was knocking on the door to Judas’ house. Have you ever felt like that? Tell the story.

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