Sermon July 8, 2012

Maybe you’ve heard it said “Good guys finish last”.  I’m sure the sentiment carries for both genders, ‘Good girls finish last too’.  The thinking is, if you play by the rules, if you take care with other people, if you let people into traffic ahead of yourself, you end up further and further behind.  Selfish people win.  Greed gets its way.  Crabby people get served first.  Maybe God sees it differently.  Maybe God misses nothing, He sees it all.  Maybe acts of random kindness are noted, bring a smile to God’s face, even rise up like a ‘fragrant smell’ to the nostrils of the Living God.  Last week’s story was about how God got a bad guy.  This week it’s about a good guy.   Apparently God cares for us all, good and bad, guys and gals, young and old.  You too.

Sermon, July 8th, 2012 – Andrew Allison Acts 10

Acts 10 Study Questions

1. Think of a movie or a book that had a good guy (or gal) as a main character. What made that character good?  Describe the character qualities of Cornelius.

2. Have you had an experience of discrimination?  How did that leave everyone feeling?

3. It seems like God is getting Peter to disobey a bunch of the rules He gave the people thousands of years earlier.  How do you explain that?

4. There’s this picture of God running around behind the scenes; sending angels, dropping down visions of blankets of food, giving His Spirit, all so these human beings could get His heart for them.  Has God ever done something like that in your life?  Tell the story.

5. Peter sums up the essential bits of what a person needs to know about Jesus in verses 34-43.  How would you explain the ‘essential parts’ of believing in Jesus?

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