Sermon July 29, 2012

When I was in kindergarten learning the basics of education and life, I ran into a bit of difficulty!  Not educationally, but with my behaviour.  I didn’t know that you weren’t allowed to change the words of songs, or be disruptive during story time, or incite your fellow 5 year olds to join you in some fun…when we were supposed to be napping!   I got kicked out of the morning class and placed in the afternoon class.  Thankfully, I can still say I learned the basics of education and life.  Sundays are a “back to basics” for us at St. Paul’s.  We are here to worship Jesus and to ask God to align us with Him in every area of our lives.  So glad you are here  today.  Let’s have some fun!


Sermon, July 29th, 2012 – Liz Honeyford Acts 13


Acts 13 Study Questions

1. The disciples are described as teachers. We have all had teachers in our life – name a good teacher you can remember. What made him/her good?

2. The text says that Barnabas and Saul were fasting when they are sent by the Holy Spirit. What does fasting look like to you? Have you ever fasted?

3. Paul and Barnabas preach the good news and see great results. The people are excited and eager to hear the message of salvation. When the Jewish leaders see this they are jealous and persecute them. This is the second time they face opposition for telling people about Jesus. Why do you think they face opposition? What made the Jewish leaders jealous?

4. Have you ever received persecution for talking about the message of salvation? What about receiving opposition for simply believing in Jesus?

5. In this chapter we have yet another long sermon from one of the disciples. If you had to tell people the message of salvation how would you do it? Would you give a long sermon too?

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