Sermon August 5, 2012

When I was in grade 9,  I wanted to be just like Donnie Duncan. Donnie was the point guard for the Senior Boys Basketball team at Saltfleet high school. Dude was a stud. He was a tenacious defender, fantastic distributor of the ball and a clutch shooter in the dying seconds of the game. I remember one game when we were down by a point, Donnie was in the corner barely in bounds and they got him the ball, up went his perfectly arching shot, swish, nothing but net, buzzer goes, Saltfleet wins! I saw the whole thing, I wanted to be him. Big part of being a Christian means becoming more like Jesus. Fortunately becoming more like Jesus isn’t like being an undersized minor niner trying to be a man he can’t be. Fortunately Jesus left us His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, who lives inside of us and brings the life of Jesus alive in us!  Good news…no more white-knuckle, teeth-gritted uptight rules based religion. Just Holy Spirit obedience.

Sermon, August 5, 2012 – Andrew Allison Acts 14

Acts 14 Study Questions

1. Paul and Barnabas faced serious opposition to their ministry. How do you understand they kept it together through the tough times?

2. Describe a tough time that you went through. Did you have any sense of Jesus being close to you through that?

3. v. 11-13 Paul and Barnabas could have really used the Gospel to serve their own glory. Do people ever (try to) ‘use Jesus’ for their own gain in our day?

4. If you were trying to encourage another believer to ‘remain true to the faith’ today, how would you say/do it?

5. P & B got back Antioch (in Syria) and just chilled with the church. It was a safe place to rest and restore in their faith. Where (or who) is your safe place in the faith? What does ‘restoring’ look like now in your life?

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