Sermon August 19, 2012

I was baptized when I was a baby, on Easter Sunday 1989.  My parents were making a commitment before God and the church to raise me up in a Christian home. They were also declaring  that before I was born,  let alone brought to the church, God had something to say about me; that my life was important, and that through Jesus Christ God had made a way for me to have new life.  Later on, when I was a little older I got the chance to stand up in front of my church and give my own story.  I got to tell my friends and family that I wanted this new life that Jesus made possible for me.  I can remember being so nervous!  God wants us all to have new life.  He wants you to have new life!  Today we are looking at the stories of three baby Christians.  Three people who met Paul and Silas, had an encounter with  Jesus, and whose lives were never the same again.  We’re so happy you are here with us this morning.  Let’s worship God together!

Sermon, August 19, 2012 – Grant Vissers Acts 16

Acts 16 – Study Questions

1. In verse 7 we read that Paul and his companions tried to enter Mysia but the Spirit of Jesus stopped them.  Have you ever felt the Holy Spirit telling you not to do something?  Have you ever felt the Holy Spirit   telling you to do something?  How do you know that it is indeed the Holy Spirit?

2. Lydia insists that Paul and Silas come to her home after she is baptized and the Jailer serves Paul and Silas a meal after he is baptized.  Is there anything valuable to learn from this?

3. Verse 25 says that at about midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God after just being beaten!  What would you expect them to be doing?  Why do you think all the prisoners are listening in?

4. The Jailer’s response to Paul’s voice is to run in and ask, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”  If someone asked you that question how would you answer?  What would you tell the Jailer?

5. Do you think there is any reason why Paul demands that the  magistrates come and escort him and Silas out of jail themselves?   Is he just angry or do you think there is a bigger reason?

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