Sermon September 2, 2012

While we were in Haiti last week we witnessed a very bad accident which happened within a few feet of us. A fully loaded van passed us at a high speed and the next thing we saw was a flurry of people jumping out of the way as that vehicle hit another fully loaded van which was stopped. Many, many people were hurt and some were even trapped in the vehicles. It was scary and troubling to have witnessed it so closely. We were thankful that God kept us from trouble that day. The truth is that sometimes doing what God says and going where He leads is painful and not easy. The early church experienced much  opposition, as did Paul personally. God says to Paul in today’s passage “Don’t be afraid…I am with you.” Our prayer is that each of you would internalize those same tender words today from the One who is crazy about you,  “Don’t be afraid…I am with you.”

Communion next Sunday, September 9th


Sermon, September 2, 2012 – Liz Honeyford Acts 18

Acts 18 – Study Questions

1. Priscilla and Aquila are important in the early church.  Five of the seven times they are mentioned in the Bible, Priscilla, the woman is mentioned first.  What a leader!  Who are they?  How did Paul meet them?  What happens after they get together?

2. Why do you suppose the Lord reassured Paul in a vision?  Have you ever received assurance in Kingdom work?  How did it come to you?

3. People are abusive and angry.  They end up beating up a synagogue leader.  Have you been persecuted or abused because of your faith?

4. Paul had taken a vow – what do you suppose that was about?  And what’s with the haircut?

5. Many people are coming and going.  God is using them to build His church.  How is God using you for His Kingdom work?

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