Sermon September 9, 2012

Some years ago people were all talking about eating raw fish rolled up in rice.  Sushi.  It sounded gross to me so I let my opinion be known, even before I’d tried it.  It was like Sam I am with his green eggs and ham.  Then I tried it and quite liked it, though, admittedly, I drowned it Soya Sauce and that Wasabi death paste.  Raw fish and rice tastes good, who knew?  This morning we’re into Raw Church.  Its like the church goes ‘Wild West’.  God was doing stuff in Ephesus. And so was Satan.  The whole thing made for a full blown episode of Raw Church.  Who knows, maybe that will happen here.  Try it you might like it!

Sermon, September 9, 2012 – Andrew Allison Acts 19

Acts 19  Study Questions

1.  Was there a time when you felt comfortable at church?  Describe that.  Was there a time when you feel uncomfortable at church?  Describe that too.

2.  Do you feel like you’re having to try your hardest to be a good Christian?  Explain the whether your answer is yes or no.

3.  What, if anything, is your experience and understanding of  ‘the Holy Spirit’?

4.  Describe a time when you had to confess something to another person.  How did that go?  How did you feel through that?

5.  If you’re a Christian consider what changes have occurred in your life since believing.  If you wouldn’t say you’re a Christian, describe the changes you’ve seen in another person’s life who has given their life to Jesus.

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