Sermon September 23, 2012

The band ‘Walk off the Earth’ has done a sweet cover for the song “Somebody that I used to Know” on YouTube.  Check it out.  Five awesome singers playing one guitar.  The sound is spectacular, the voices compliment in perfect harmony, but the song is haunting.  It’s the song of an offended heart.  A couple who were once an item are now split and one party feels dismissed, ignored and now vengeful.  Offended hearts are heavy hearts.  The Bible tells the stories, good and bad, of people who had every reason to be offended, some who swallowed the poison and lived poisonous lives and others who dealt with the offence before God and moved on to live free.   Listen in, maybe today is freedom day for you!

Sermon, September 23rd, 2012 – Andrew Allison Acts 21

Acts 21 Study Questions

1.  Recall a time when a friendship was restored.  Tell the story.

2.  Acts 21 tells the stories of groups of people who were upset.  Do their strong emotions seem warranted to you?

3.  What do you think is God’s purpose in giving us emotions?  Do you think they are good or bad?

4.  In verse 24 Paul is told to do something in order to ‘keep the peace’.  What might be some things you need to do to ‘keep the peace’?

5.  Is there an offence that you have carried against someone?  Is now the time for you to forgive this person and ‘trust it to God’?

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