Sermon September 30, 2012

I don’t watch Simpson’s very often!  However, I have occasionally been guilty of not switching the channel and have caught one or two episodes that I still giggle over, and sometimes even quote.  What I’ve noticed about that show and so many others, is that the “Christian” character is usually a dope of some sort or another, and often portrayed as over-religious and under intellectual.  It makes it hard for the rest of us to want to stand up and say “I am a Christian” when the word is associated with “okilly-dokilly” and Ned Flander’s hair!  But there is a one way that always works: your personal story of Jesus and how He is changing your life.  Today we get to listen in on the ‘master’ of telling others about Jesus, as Paul  defends his life and his faith within a hostile  culture…hmmm…might be good for us to hear!

Sermon, September 30th, 2012 – Liz Honeyford Acts 22

Acts 22 Study Questions

1. Paul tells the story of when he met Jesus on the road to Damascus.  God uses his testimony many times.  Can you tell your own story of meeting Jesus?

2. Part of Paul’s story is how he hunted down Christians, yet God uses this terrible thing for good purposes.  Can you talk about how God has used a bad situation in your life to accomplish good things?

3. In the letter to the Philippians, Paul says all his heritage, citizenship and education is worthless, yet he uses all these things in this situation.  He addresses the people, gets his day in court and saves his bacon.  Tell about where God has placed you and what He has given you that He uses for Kingdom purposes.

4. Why do you think Paul seems so fearless?

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