Sermon October 14, 2012

Felix was the governor of Judea at the same time Paul was in prison. Felix was the big dog who did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. Paul was in jail and he did nothing according to his plan, even his washroom breaks would have been at the mercy of whatever mood his prison guard was feeling. Felix and Paul, two men in two very different situations. And yet, God brought Paul in Felix’s life to show and explain to him what life was really about. The prisoner teaches the governor! God does some pretty unlikely things at times.

I remember Gail, a quiet and shy young woman, speaking some truth lessons into me when I was a cocky 16 year old. Has God put someone into your life right now who is speaking truth that you need to hear?

Sermon, October 14th, 2012 – Andrew Allison Acts 24



Acts 24

Study Questions

  1. Share a story were you were at someone else’s mercy (airport security, a neighbourhood bully, an older brother, a boss). How did that make you feel and what was the outcome?
  2. In verse 15 Paul says “I believe in the resurrection of both the just and the unjust”. The ‘unjust’? What does resurrection mean for the unjust?
  3. What do you imagine Paul would have said when he (verses 24-25) talked to Felix about righteousness, self-control and the coming judgement? Do you need to hear more about one of those three?
  4. Verse 27 says Felix left Paul in prison because he ‘wanted to do the Jews a favour’. That’s called ‘people-pleasing’. Share a story where you’ve seen ‘people-pleasing’. Is ‘people-pleasing’ a problem in your life? Explain.

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