Sermon November 4, 2012

My family has always been bad with machines. My brother Sean smashed the neighbour’s snowmobile into a tree with their little kid on back of it. It wasn’t a shipwreck but there was another time when he was in the back of a long (tippy) boat operating the 20 hp outboard motor. Our future brother-in-law was sprawled in the front soaking up rays. The boat went into a power wobble and Sean couldn’t regain control so he just jumped overboard yelling ‘“Save yourself”! Mark had to scramble to the back of the boat and throttle it down. Come to think of it, maybe it’s just Sean that’s terrible with machines! In today’s passage Paul is in a shipwreck, see how he handles his ‘boat out of control’.

Sermon, November 4th, 2012- Andrew Allison Acts 27

Acts 27  Study Questions

1. Tell of a ‘shipwreck’ story in your life. Who was ‘on board’ and how did each person handle the ‘storm’.

2. Twice Paul tells the folks on board to “take courage”. Find those  references and explain why Paul could say that and what he expected them to do.

3. In verse 23 Paul said that he ”belongs to God”. What exactly does that mean? Do you feel like you belong?

4. The soldiers try to kill the prisoners and steal a lifeboat as a means of escaping. What tactics do you use to ‘escape’ and avoid facing real life?

5. Tell a story where you saw someone take a strong Christian stand in the middle of a ‘storm’.

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