Sermon November 11, 2012

“So this is the end of the story…”

Today we study the last chapter of the book of Acts but it doesn’t feel like much of an ending. In some ways Paul’s arrival in Rome just starts a whole new chapter. I was thinking about this non-‘ending’ coming on November 11th, a day when many Canadians take time to remember.  Specifically, we remember the men and women who served and even laid down their lives in the various wars. I imagine they would have done so, at their noblest, believing that their ‘end’ was not ‘The End’ but that a new chapter, a new freedom would be birthed and enjoyed by those who lived on. Turns out it’s not the end of the story at all. God works like this, there’s this thing called ‘Resurrection’!

Sermon, November 11th, 2012 – Andrew Allison Acts 28

Act 28 Study Questions

Questions to shape your life!

  1. Paul heals Publius’ father and then a pile of islanders. What do you make of these stories? Do they increase your faith or make you suspicious?
  2. Paul went directly to the Jews in Rome to explain his side of the story. How do you handle conflict? Can Paul’s example teach you anything?
  3. Twice it is mentioned that Paul ‘proclaimed the Kingdom and taught about Jesus’. Explain what each of those mean.
  4. The passage implies that Paul had to wait at least 2 years for his case to be heard in Rome. Can you tell of a time you had to wait a long time for a resolution? Did you have any sense of the presence of God through that?
  5. What’s the one thing that you are going to take away with you from our study in the book of Acts?

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