Sermon November 18, 2012

“How do you know if two people are married to each other?” This was one of the questions asked to a group of kids. One little girl gave it some thought and then responded: “See if they’re yelling at the same kids.”  Astute!  There are some people who feel like their Heavenly Father must always be yelling at them and, that they probably deserve it. Isaiah the prophet begins his message from God with very strong words to God’s kids who have forgotten the One who raised them. But it doesn’t take long for the tender heart of the Father to kick in. He wants you back, He wants things right.

“Come now, let us reason together…”

Sermon, November 18th, 2012 – Andrew Allison Isaiah 1:1-20

Study Questions – Isaiah 1:1-20

Questions that’ll change your life!

Read Isaiah 1:1-20

  1. If it’s possible, describe one way that your parents told you or showed you that they loved you.
  2. Is it easy or hard to believe that you are a child of God? Explain.
  3. Read v. 5-6. Do you agree with the statement “Choose to sin, choose to suffer!” Why?
  4. Read v. 15-16. What would it look like for you to fully obey these verses?
  5. Read v.18-19. Is there anything that prevents you from getting full forgiveness with God?

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