Sermon November 25, 2012

Imagine trying to describe the taste of chocolate to someone who has not tried it. Where would you start? What words would you use? Or, explain the law of aerodynamics in Russian, when you don’t know a thing about either! Try to describe beauty to an infant, or heaven to an atheist. There are just some things that are near impossible to express or explain due to a barrier of language, vocabulary or imagination. But sometimes God comes through barriers,   defies logic and ignites our imagination. Oh, that this morning would be one of those times!!! Fasten your seat belts because maybe…just maybe…


Sermon, November 25th, 2012- Liz Honeyford Isaiah 6

Isaiah 6 – Study Questions

Isaiah 6  Holiness, Brokenness and Submission

1.     Isaiah sees God sitting on His throne.  God is still in charge of all creation.  He rules with authority.  Do you trust God with every part of your life? Are there places in your life that you are trying to rule yourself?

2.     “Woe is me, for I am ruined!”  This is not a bad place to be.  Jesus called it ‘poor in spirit’ and the place to start for belonging to the Kingdom of Heaven.  Can you reflect on how God has ‘undone’ things in your life so He could do good things in you?

3.    Have you ever had a spiritual moment that immediately and completely humbled you? Did it change you?

4.    Isaiah responds to God’s call by emphatically saying ‘Pick me!’  Have you ever heard God asking you to do something for Him?  What was your experience with this?

5.   Both Jesus and Paul quote Isaiah 6 when speaking about people that refuse to accept Jesus (Matthew 13:14-15 and Acts 28:26-27). Here is the Messiah, God Himself in the flesh, and they did not want Him. You may know someone like that.  What can you do for them?

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