Sermon December 2, 2012

Names matter. When I was in grade 7 the biggest kid in my class, Blair, gave me a nickname. It was “Preacher”. “Hey Preacher, what do you got for lunch? Hey Preacher, pass the puck I’m wide open!”   I liked it. I had it printed on the back of my school uniform. Looks like some names stick!  Names matter to God. Often a name is an indication that God is up to something. Something’s going down! Christmas starts off way back with a promised baby and that  baby is given a special name. Might not be the one you’re thinking of…


Sermon, December 2nd, 2012 – Andrew Allison Isaiah 7

Isaiah 7 – Study Questions

1. What does your name mean?

2. What does Immanuel mean? What might that mean to the scared people in this story?

3. Can you relate to Ahaz in this story, not wanting God near?

4. What threat(s) are there right now in your life? What might God be saying to you about that?

5.    How do you explain God’s persistence? He follows through on his promise even after Ahaz blew him off. Why?

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