Sermon December 16, 2012

There was a movie out a few years ago (not worth naming) where the lead character, Ricky Bobby, prayed thanks for a meal to the ‘Dear Baby Jesus’. Everyone around the table told him that the baby grew up, became a man, and grew a beard. Ricky Bobby refused to budge. He loved the baby Jesus just as he was, in a manger, in a diaper, tiny and cuddly. He missed the point. Sometimes we can miss the point. We can, unwittingly, leave the baby in the manger. The baby of Christmas did grow up, he did have a mission and he fully did what he came to do. Christmas is a reminder to us of the Mission of God that began to take on a whole new shape that night in Bethlehem.



Sermon, December 16, 2012 – Andrew Allison Isaiah 11

 Isaiah 11 – Study Questions

Questions to ask in the car on your way home from church.

1. Make a list of the things you want from God.

2. Make a list of things God wants from you.

3. What might it look like in your home for the unlikely or even the impossible to happen this Christmas? (Isaiah 11:6-8)