Sermon December 23, 2012

Seems like when you’re a kid Christmas is magical, you can’t sleep, the excitement of gifts, the snow falling and too much chocolate are just pure adrenaline for the system.

As you get a little older, there’s new magic, Christmas morning sleep-in, the hope of new miracle-working cologne and maybe meeting that cute girl or handsome young man under the mistletoe.

Then, when you get old, like me, the Holidays seem like this arduous responsibility of keeping people happy, driving places you don’t want to go and faking being nice to people you’d rather avoid.

Wow, how did we get here? Hey Christmas, straight up? Jesus loves you! Wonderstruck first grader, sleepy teenager, crabby middle-ager —  you are loved! Christmas pulls back the curtains and we see the heart of God, not from a distance but up close and personal. As personal as the baby in a manger. You’re loved!

baby jesus in manger


Sermon December 23 Andrew Allison Isaiah 12

Isaiah 12 

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