Sermon January 6, 2013

Ruby Christiansen died this week. To describe her as the little old lady that sat close to the front each week would really understate things. Ruby was a quiet spark plug that held tenaciously to Jesus as her Lord and Saviour. She was clear about her hope in the Resurrection of the dead. Jesus promised that those who place their trust in Him would not perish but have everlasting life and Ruby believed it completely. I’m sad to see Ruby go, several times I phoned her to pray for me when I was going into a sticky situation, I’ll miss her support and steady friendship. But I rejoice that my sister now sees with her eyes what she used to only hope for in her heart. She sees Jesus. That truth has been a great reminder to me as I begin 2013. Run the race like it means something!


Sermon January 6, 2013 – Andrew Allison Isaiah 35

Isaiah 35 – Study Questions

Questions to bring you to Life!

1. v. 1-2 Have you ever been in a wilderness (geographical or emotional)?  Explain what that was like.

2. v. 3 What would it mean for you to “strengthen your feeble hands and steady the knees that give way?”

3. v. 5-6 When Jesus did miracles he most often healed broken people. Does that bring you any hope?

4. v. 8 Do you have any interest in being on the “Way of Holiness?” What attracts you and what makes you holdback?

5. v. 10 Pick a phrase “Gladness and joy will overtake them” or “Sorrow and sighing will flee away.” What hope does your phrase of choice give you as you look forward to God’s new creation?

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