Sermon Sunday, February 17, 2013

When we were first married I made some mistakes. One or two. Colleen would point these mistakes out and I would say “Sorry”. But then she’d want to talk about how my busyness or my over-commitment to work made her feel and I’d be like, “I said I was sorry, you need to forgive and forget, why are you still talking about it?”  She clammed up the first couple of times but by the third time (or 16th!)  she said, “I need you to hear how I’m feeling or you’ll just keep doing it.” She was right. I was sorry I’d been caught, but not sorry enough to change my behaviour. Being truly sorry meant facing the full consequences of what I did. I needed to hear how I hurt her and what my sin had taken from her. Then when she said, “Now I forgive you.” I understood what it cost Colleen to say that. I knew her forgiveness was for real.

holdinghandsSermon, February 17, 2013 – Andrew Allison Isaiah 57

Isaiah 57 Study Questions

  1. Verse 4 talks about mocking. Can you offer an example of mocking?
  2. The ancient believers traded faith in God for thrills with idols. Do you think that still happens in our day? Give evidence.
  3. Verse 11 talks about a rebellious life being filled with fear. Do you remember fear in your life before you trusted Jesus? What were you afraid of?
  4. Verse 15 says that God dwells in heaven and in the hearts of the contrite (broken and sorry). Two holy places. Why is a contrite human holy to God?
  5. God says there is rest for the righteous and no rest for the wicked, what do those two realities look like?

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