Sermon Sunday, March 3, 2013

One of the legends from the Allison house was the day that Sam dropped Isaac on his head. Everyone laughs about it now but Isaac actually had a concussion. They were just kids, they were wrestling, somehow Sam got Isaac by the feet, was holding him upside down and ‘Clunk’ dropped him on his head. Isaac blacked out and then the first thing he said, and he said it over and over, was “Where’s Mom?”  “Where’s Mom?” If Isaac is having a particularly ‘thick’ moment even now, the brothers will mock him by saying “Where’s Mom?”  Fact is he’d lost orientation and he went looking for his ‘North Star’ (his mother) to get his bearings.  In this passage the people of God had lost their bearings and when God tries to describe what went wrong for them he tells them: “You left your Husband!”  You walked away from the One who loves you most. Here’s praying that today some of us come back to the One who loves us most.


Sermon, March 3, 2013 – Andrew Allison Isaiah 54

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Isaiah 54 Study Questions

  1. There are some difficult pictures of women in pain in this passage (single, barren, widowed, divorced). Would any of those pictures ‘paint’ how it is in your relationship with God these days?
  2. Read the passage through; what are the PROMISES that God makes to His people in this passage (ie. v.3 ‘You will spread out to the left and the right”).
  3. What would change in your life if you fully trusted those promises?
  4. Read the passage through again, what COMMANDS does God make of His people in this passage (ie. v. 4 “Do not be afraid”)
  5. What would change in your life if you fully obeyed those commands?

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