Sunday Sermon March 31, 2013

Wonderful is an old person’s word. You just don’t hear young people saying “Isn’t this wonderful!” “Thanks for dinner Mom, that was wonderful!”  My guys say “That was sick!” or “That was dirty!” Apparently these are good things. (That explains the bedroom!). Ben told me the other day he was ‘Hundo P”. You’re what?  “Hundo P,  One hundred percent”. I can’t keep up.

Anyway, I’m pitching for a comeback for the word ‘Wonderful’. Its a word you use that describes those moments when your eyes sparkle, your knees feel like they might buckle, your mouth is left open and you are bubbling with gratitude for being in a place you don’t deserve, being loved like you never imagined possible and  being on the receiving end of gifts that are so rich money can’t buy them.


Sermon, March 31, 2013 – Andrew Allison Isaiah 25

Study Questions: Isaiah 25

  1. Make a list of things that you find wonderful.
  2. Read Isaiah 25. Its says that God has done ‘wonderful’ things. Find as many wonderful things in ch. 25 as you can.
  3. How could it be wonderful that God  makes ‘the fortified city a ruin’?
  4. What are you afraid of? What’s the worst thing you imagine happening from that fear?
  5. Jesus ‘swallowed up death forever’ (v. 8). How might that speak into your fear?

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