Sermon Sunday April 7, 2013

I remember Sam once saying that the perfect world would be to skate on the pond in the morning and then play golf in the afternoon. The best of both seasons in the same day. He might respond differently now. Maybe the perfect world for you would be someone peeling grapes for you and never having to make your bed. It’s interesting to sleuth out what God knows to be a perfect world for us human beings. Jesus maps it out the clearest, but in Isaiah 65 God begins to paint a picture of what He had in mind when He set us loose on this planet and what it will be like when He makes everything right. It may not be what you thought but for Him, it looks like every human being fully alive.

Sermon April 7, 2013 – Andrew Allison Isaiah 65

Study Questions: Isaiah 65:17-25

  1. Describe what you understand the Bible to say about life after death. What will it be like?
  2. What does “I will create a new heaven and a new earth” look like?
  3. Verse 19. Explain what ‘no more weeping or crying’ will mean for you.
  4. Does the idea of ‘rewarding work’ spark joy or dread in you? Why?
  5. What does ‘the wolf will lie down with the lamb’ mean to you?

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