Sermon Sunday April 21, 2013

My Dad was one of the pastors in the town where I grew up. This was well known to my friends… and enemies. A favorite taunt of theirs was “You’ve got Bibles in your socks!”  My friend called our rusted out station wagon the ‘Bible Bus’. My nick name in grade 7 & 8  was “Preacher”. You get the message. The people around me let me know I was different.

I wish the situation was slightly altered… I wish I was known to be different not because of where my dad worked but because I was the kid who was first to defend the little guy. I wish I had been the kid that picked the worst kid first to be on my team at recess. I wish I had been the kid that was known to be gracious in winning and losing. I can’t go back, but there is today!

There’s still time to be radically different from the patterns of this world.


Sermon Andrew Allison 1 Peter 1:13-25

Study Questions: 1 Peter 1:13-25

1. What would it look like for your mind to be ‘alert and fully sober’?
2. Name some of the evil desires that grip people in their ignorance of God’s kindness?
3. Are there ways that you’re still trusting ‘silver and gold’ to provide for you?
4. Dream a little, what would a church look like who began to ‘love one another deeply, from the heart’?
5. When you have to believe what people say or what God says, whose voice wins out?

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