Sermon Sunday April 28, 2013

Feels like most of us grew up believing that  the ‘pie’ was only so big. That means that if you get more of the pie, I’ll get less. Hmmm, you are a threat to me. That’s small pie thinking.

There was a guy named Saul who had a small pie heart. God gave Saul a warrior named David who was a lights out young leader but when the girls starting singing: “Saul has killed his thousands but David his tens of thousands” Saul saw red. He could have stood back and said “How awesome is our God who provides leadership for the next generation!” Instead he tried to hoard the pie and eventually small pie living killed him.

Share the pie! God’s made lots!



Sermon, April 28, 2013 – Andrew Allison 1 Peter 2:1-12

Study Questions: 1 Peter 2:1-12

1. Describe a really good or really bad team that you were part of. What made it really good or really bad?

2. What would it look like in your life for you to ‘crave pure spiritual milk’ (v. 2)?

3. Is there one of the ‘sneaky sins’ (v. 1) that you are vulnerable to?

4. Imagine you’re talking to someone who doesn’t believe, Explain why Jesus is so important and why He’s either the Cornerstone or a tripping stone.

5. Do you have a sense that God has called you ‘out of darkness’ (v.9)? Describe that. If so what does it now mean for you to ‘declare His praises’?

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