Sermon Sunday June 2, 2013

Richard spoke at an event recently where he described being in a room with Christians who were suffering. They all knew that when they left the room they were going back to places where they could be arrested or worse. And they were grateful to be known to belong to Jesus! Wow! Its hard to believe we share the same planet.

What if the shoe was on the other foot? What if officers are waiting in the parking lot as we leave today? The thing going through my head is “Would there be enough evidence to convict me of the charges?” or “Do I just fit in to the world around me?”


Sermon, June 2, 2013 – Andrew Allison 1 Peter 4:12-19

Study Questions: 1 Peter 4:12-19

  1. Have you ever heard of anyone suffering for being a Christian?
  2.  Has it ever happened to you?
  3. Is there something wrong with us if we don’t suffer for being a Christian?
  4. How could a person who suffers ever be called ‘blessed”? (v. 14)
  5. What might it look like for ‘judgement to begin with God’s household’?
  6. Commit to Christ and continue to do good… (v. 19) what do those things look like in your life?