Sermon, Sunday June 16, 2013

I remember reading about one guy’s gravestone that read:  “I told you I was sick!” Famous last words.

Today marks the last of Peter’s words, at least for this letter. When you know you’re down to your last, most of us try to make sure that we say the most important stuff. Jesus had some last words for Peter, ‘Don’t forget this part!’.  Peter carries on the good tradition of important last words.  Listen in….

last words

Sermon, June 16, 2013 – Andrew Allison 1 Peter 5:8-14

Study Questions: 1 Peter 5:8-14

  1. Tell the story of a time when someone said ‘Good bye’ to you and had a few words to leave with you. (Something they told you when you went off to school or moved away or even told you on their deathbed).
  2. What’s your experience with ‘your enemy the devil prowls around looking for someone to devour’?  Is there  a place in your life right now where the evil one is prowling or even  ‘eating at you’?
  3. God says, ‘He Himself will restore you’. What might that look like in your life?
  4. Peter say explicitly, ‘hang on to grace’ and says implicitly, ‘hang on to each other’. How do you do those things in your life?
  5. What would, ‘greet each other with the kiss of love’, look like in your life? Why would we be told to do that and how can we do that without creeping each other out?

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