Sermon Sunday August 25, 2013

We bought a lemon once and wisely bought the extended warranty.  Unfortunately, a lemon doesn’t turn into a gem after the warranty expires and very shortly after we were on our own – the transmission went. The cost was $4000. We didn’t have anything like that kind of money around, having invested our saved pennies in the van purchase. We were toast!  And then a friend came along and paid for the entire repair himself. We never saw it coming and we’ll never forget his kindness in our moment of need.

Mark 2

Sermon, August 25, 2013 – Andrew Allison Mark 2:1-12

Study Questions – Mark 2

1. Were you ever powerless and someone else acted for good on your behalf? Tell that story.

2. These buddies had to work to get their friend to Jesus, list what they had to do. No one gets to Jesus on their own, who helped or is helping you? What have they done to help

3. There are people in the story opposed to all this. Why are they opposed? Why are some of the people around you opposed to Jesus?

4. Do you think our Lord might have put a person in your life that you could  help ‘carry their stretcher’? How might you do that?