Sermon Sunday September 1, 2013

I’ve heard many people tell me that life was way easier before they met Jesus and put their life in His hands.  I get that.  In some ways before I got married my life was way easier too, but just like with marriage, so it is with Jesus.  Life may be harder and more complicated on the one hand, but there is nothing more ‘right’ then being in a relationship  with Jesus. Nothing compares to a life lived with Jesus Christ at the centre of it all.  Nothing!  And He promises that in every trouble we encounter, He will be with us to comfort, guide and care for us.  NOTHING compares to knowing Jesus.


Sermon, September 1, 2013 – Liz Honeyford Mark 3

Study Questions – READ Mark 3

1. This chapter specifically lists 12 friends that Jesus chose to walk closest with Him for His Journey. Read that list and remind each other of what you know about each character.

2. With pen and paper write out the names of those who are walking closest with you on your faith journey.

3. Some people say “Blood is thicker than water”, what does that mean?  Jesus turns that on its head in vs 34, 35. Explain.

4. Have you faced opposition for your faith from your family? Describe that.

5. Evil certainly shows its face in this chapter. How do your friends deal with evil? How does Jesus explain/interact with evil?