Sermon Sunday September 15, 2013

My mom is a rescuer. Our house regularly served as a hospital for lost or broken creatures. Abandoned bunnies, orphaned turtles, migrating birds, whatever, many had a stop over at our house. Mostly it was birds that knocked themselves out on our picture window. A hospital for the hurting. The church is like this and even more so. Not everyone (anyone?) here is 100%, we’ve all got cuts and bruises, even broken parts. So if the person beside you (your parents, your spouse) isn’t quite ‘all there’ don’t be surprised. They’ve come to the right place.

Bulletin September 15, 2013


Sermon, September 15, 2013 – Andrew Allison Mark 5

Study Questions: Mark 5

1. Describe the dangerous guy in the graveyard. What got him there? How bad had life been to get him there?  Describe the difference it made when Jesus healed him.

2. Describe the hemorrhaging woman, how would she have felt and thought during those 12 years?  What difference did it make when Jesus healed her?

3. Imagine the little girl’s home. Imagine the experience of the parents watching their sick child and then face her death. What difference did it make to them and to her when Jesus healed her?

4. Which of these people do you feel most like today? Describe yourself, how you got here and it feels like to be you right now.

5. What difference will it make when Jesus heals you?

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