Sermon Sunday September 22, 2013

Most of us are short on true friends. Someone said that if you ever got one true friend you’re doing better than most. There isn’t much better than joy in life shared with a friend. Double the joy! Sometimes people look like friends but aren’t friends at all. Today’s story throws a strong contrast at us between the drinking buddies of Herod and the true friends of John.

Bulletin September 22, 2013


Sermon, September 22, 2013 – Andrew Allison Mark 6

Study Questions: Mark 6

1. This whole story focuses around what people were saying about Jesus. That he was Elijah, a prophet, a re-make of John the Baptist. Why does it matter to drill down exactly who Jesus is?
2. Describe Herod and his family. Imagine out loud, life at the palace.
3. Imagine John, what might he have been expecting God to do for him? How do you explain what happened?
4. How does Herod’s pride manifest itself in this story?
5. Herod’s friends didn’t turn out to be friends at all. John’s friends proved to be true right to the end.  How do you know a true friend from a false one?

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