Sermon Sunday September 29, 2013

The movie ‘The Butler’ is in theaters right now, it’s a powerful personal story offering painful insight into the African American experience through the 20th century. It’s hard to imagine that much of the story took place while I was alive. I’d like to dismiss atrocities like that to ancient civilizations. It’s worth seeing. It did strike me that in Jesus we don’t just seek to eradicate racism, where, as it were, we grant equal status to all people, even people we used to not like. In Jesus those who were held at arm’s length become the beloved, the precious, the ones we hold in the highest regard. Equality is good and needed, highest regard and full esteem for a former “lesser than” is a work only God can do.

Bulletin September 29, 2013


Sermon, September 29, 2013 – Andrew Allison Mark 7

Study Questions: Mark 7

  1. Have you ever witnessed or experienced racism or sexism? Tell that story and how it made you feel.
  2.  Jesus talks about ‘not taking the children’s bread and tossing it to the dogs’. What does he mean by that metaphor? Who are children and who are dogs?  Does that sound like racism to you? Explain.
  3. The woman makes two moves in response: First she calls Jesus “LORD” the only time that title is used in Mark and second, the come back line, “even the puppies get the crumbs”. What’s the significance of these two moves?
  4. Describe how the disciples may have felt through the whole exchange. You could cross-reference Matthew 15:21-28 for more insight.
  5. Is there someone or some people group that God has been talking to you about during this study, maybe someone you’ve held at arm’s length or even despised? What might God be telling you to do about that situation today?

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