Sermon Sunday October 27, 2013

All week God has been speaking to me through 2 fairly unlikely voices.  One of them is a donkey!  The other is a fig tree! Turns out Jesus often spoke, and speaks today, through everyday ordinary objects.  May prayer today is that you may hear and see and receive from this donkey who has been standing at his post for 2000 years saying the same thing.   Glad you are here with us this morning!

Bulletin October 27, 2013


Sermon October 27, 2013 – Liz Honeyford Mark 11

Study Questions: Mark 11

  1. Do you have a ‘donkey’ story? (A time when Jesus came to you in a very ordinary way, or a time when Jesus used you in another’s life in an ordinary way.)
  2. Describe your ‘post’ right now in this season of your life. How hard is it to stay there?
  3. Why was Jesus angry at those in the temple? Compare this passage with Matthew 21:12-14. Especially note verse 14. Does that change your understanding of Jesus’ actions?
  4. Jesus uses pictures and objects to ‘preach’ a message. What do you think the message of the fig tree is about?
  5. What part of Mark 11 most stands out to you? Do you have an emotional response to any of these verses? Why or why not?