Sermon Sunday November 10, 2013

Our Youth Group used to play a game called Rum-Runners. The point of the game was for the rum-runners to sneak a bucket of rum (usually just heavy rocks) past the Coast Guard (the other team) and deliver it to the Pirate Ship. We always played in the middle of the night. There were decoys and deception, and for sure the fun was being on the rum-running team. Staying alert as a Coast Guard was a challenge. Jesus talks about his disciples needing to stay alert and be on guard. Listen in to hear why and how.

Bulletin November 10, 2013

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Sermon November 10, 2013 – Andrew Allison Mark 13

Study Questions – Mark 13

1. The disciples were dazzled by the stones and buildings around the temple. What things dazzle people in our day? What dazzles you?

2. Disciples of Jesus will face hard times, even family members will turn on other family members who are Christians. Has this ever happened to you?

3. Another difficulty that Jesus warns of is deception. People will claim to be Him or his replacement – bringing a new and better way. Have you ever heard of anything like that?

4. Jesus uses the picture of a door keeper whose one job is to open the door when the Master finally arrives home. What do you think it looks like for a Christian to ‘stay alert at the door’ and not grow dull?

5. Map out together what it looks like for Christians to ‘Watch”. How might you be able to encourage each other in this?

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