Sermon Sunday, December 1, 2013

I must have been 11 when I was given my own bedroom in the basement. That was awesome, except I was still scared of the dark. Not the dark specifically, but that sense that something was under my bed. I would run and jump from the doorway and land on my bed, to avoid being grabbed by anything underneath. I once lost a chunk of flesh from my leg because the family TV sat just outside my room and I cut the corner too tight! Jesus has an answer for fear.

Bulletin December 1, 2013

mark 16v6b

Sermon, December 1, 2013 – Andrew Allison Mark 16

Study Questions: Mark 16:1-8

1. Name some of the fears or worries that drive or eat up the people around you.

2. The women were worried, even consumed, about ‘moving the stone’ the was rolled in front of the grave. It turned out that this was the least of their worries. Is there a worry that you’re ‘consumed’ with today?

3. This story is about resurrection. Together, describe what resurrection is and what it means for Christians.

4. Speak about the death of someone in your life. How did you grieve that death? Do you have any hope even in the face of death?

5. Pray with each other around matters of fear and death.  Be careful not to offer easy advice, but simply bring your ‘stuff’ into the open and then bring it all to Jesus in prayer.