Sermon Sunday December 8, 2013

Every happening great and small

is a parable whereby

God speaks to us,

and the art of life

is to get the message.

(Malcolm Muggeridge)

Bulletin December 8, 2013

Jesus True Gift of Christmas

Sermon, December 8, 2013 – Liz Honeyford Luke 1:1-38

Sermon Study Questions: Luke 1:1-38

1. Spiritual literacy is seeing God in the moment — to read the sacred in everyday life.  In Luke 1, three people encounter God, one disbelieves, one rejoices, and another embraces what is happening.  Which one are you?

Late in life Zechariah and Elizabeth still have unfulfilled dreams.  When God brings good news of answered prayer, Zechariah does not believe it.  God is faithful and still answers their prayers. Do you ever doubt God will work with your life?

Elizabeth is filled with joy and is savouring every moment of the gift of a son.  Talk about times when you have enjoyed the moment and all that God has done.

Mary accepts the good and difficult news.  Do you embrace what God has in store for you?  Do you trust God to do good things with you?

2. The angel brings a message to us as well, “For no word from God will ever fail.” What expectation do you have in your life that you trust with God?

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