Sermon Sunday December 15, 2013

It’s not hard to get self-focused even at Christmas. We have Christmas concerts to attend, gifts to buy, trees to decorate, presents to wrap, and expectations to fulfill. In the midst of this, the people around us seem to get in the way.

Before all the clutter of holiday accumulation, Christmas was first about people being together. Jesus’ coming is final and full out proof that there is a God and that God loves us and wants to be close. The whole story plays out with the community coming near, the angels breaking forth in song, the shepherds rushing into town, the wise men making their way and Mary with Joseph celebrating together at this great event.

Here’s a Christmas message:
You are not alone.
Even more, you are loved!

Bulletin December 15 2013

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Sermon, December 15, 2013 – Andrew Allison Luke 1

Sermon Study Questions: Luke 1

  1. Share a Christmas memory together.
  2. What is different between what Zechariah said to the angel and what Mary said to the angel?
  3. Mary went to see Elizabeth. Describe how Elizabeth was an encourager to Mary. Is there someone like that in your life?
  4. Mary breaks into song over the greatness of God and especially God’s choice to use unlikely people (even losers!) in His Master Plan. Together as a group speak out phrases (even write them down in a song!) that tell of the joy you have because of what God has done in coming to earth in Jesus.

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