Sermon Sunday January 12, 2014

“O Lord, You are the God

of the early mornings,

the God of the late nights,

the God of the mountain peaks,

and the God of the sea. But, my God,

my soul has horizons further away

than those of early mornings,

deeper darkness than the nights of earth,

higher peaks than any mountain peaks, greater depths than any sea in nature.

You who are the God of all these, be my God.

I cannot reach to the heights or to the depths;

there are motives I cannot discover,

dreams I cannot realize. My God, search me.”

(Psalm 139, Oswald Chambers)


Bulletin January 12, 2014

Sermon, January 12, 2014 – Liz Honeyford 1 Samuel 3

Study Questions 1 Samuel 3

  1. Vs 1 – 3 It was night.  Eli cannot see well. Samuel was asleep. People have not heard the Lord for a while. Yet, the lamp of God had not yet gone out.  Can you describe a time when things seemed dark to you, yet there were signs of hope?
  2. Vs 7 tells us that Samuel had no experience with the Lord because the word of the Lord had not yet been revealed to him.  Have you had an experience with the Lord?  Has there been a time when the word of the Lord has been revealed to you?
  3. Vs 10  The Lord came and stood there.  He called as He had called the other times.  Are you hearing God’s call in your life?  What distracts you from hearing His word?  What can keep us from responding?
  4. Eli has had many chances to do right.  God reaches out with opportunities for repentance. What is Eli’s response to the message through Samuel?  What could it have been?