Sermon, Sunday January 26, 2014

My preacher-dad was the same guy in front of the church, as he was on the sports field and as he was at our house. He is consistent. That was winsome to me in becoming a Christian. Probably the most used excuse that I hear for not being a Christian is that Christians are two-faced, one face for Sunday morning and a different face when they have to pay the bill on Monday afternoon.

Thanks be to God that He is Consistent, He defines it! Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!

jesus the same

Bulletin January 26, 2014

Sermon, January 26, 2014 – Andrew Allison 1 Samuel 5

Sermon Questions – 1 Samuel 5

  1. Think of a person who has been consistent throughout your life. What has it meant to you to have that consistency?
  2. What does or what might it mean to you to know that God is consistent and doesn’t flip flop according to emotions or the company that He’s in?
  3. The holiness of God made life uncomfortable for the Philistine people. Was there a time in your life when God’s holiness made your life uncomfortable? Tell that story.
  4. “Their cry went up to heaven.” means that God was listening, that God cared. That verse is potent in the Hebrew Bible where one might assume God should hate Israel’s enemies. Quite the contrary. What does it mean to you today that God also loves your enemies?

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