Sermon, Sunday February 16, 2014

When I was a kid we played games like king of the castle and king’s court. The point of the games were the same: knock someone else off and be the king! Any time I got to be king I always knew my time on the throne was limited. I didn’t belong there. It works the same in life. Everyone needs a King but you need to choose carefully!

1 samuel 8

Sermon, February 16, 2014 – Andrew Allison 1 Samuel 8

Bulletin February 16, 2014

Study Questions: 1 Samuel 8

  1. Describe some of the leaders you have had in your life.
  2. Samuel is aging and his sons are no good. There is a leadership crisis. What did the elders do in the leadership crisis?
  3. Why was asking for a king such a wrong thing?
  4. Samuel warns the people that getting their own way is going to cost them. Recall a warning you received that you left unheeded.
  5. How did God redeem the king request?

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