Sermon, Sunday April 6, 2014

I sometimes find myself in a place called ‘despair’. I know that I am there because I feel hopeless and helpless. My energy is sapped and my mind unclear. In the story today, the Israelites are feeling hopeless and helpless when one of them gets an idea that changes everything. Maybe this is your morning where things begin to move in a better direction. Perhaps it is! We pray that each of you would encounter the Living God in the person of Jesus through the presence of His Spirit as you worship Him this morning.

1 Samuel 14

Sermon, April 6, 2014 – Liz Honeyford 1 Samuel 14

Bulletin April 6, 2014

Study Questions: 1 Samuel 14

  1. Vs. 1 Jonathan is acting independently.  Saul makes a self-centered rash oath in vs 24.  Neither are considering others.  Have you ever made decisions that affected others without consulting them?  How did that turn out?
  2. In vs 17 Saul finds out that Jonathan was used to by God to defeat the Philistines.  Jonathan would not have known about the oath.  Why did Saul respond so harshly in vs 44?
  3. Why did Saul build an altar to the Lord at this time (vs 35), and not earlier?  What is the significance of this first altar?
  4. Describe Saul’s leadership style in this passage.  In what ways do the people, Jonathan and the priests also have a ‘leadership’ role in the events of this passage?  If you had been involved in these events how should you have responded if you were a) Saul b) the priest c) Jonathan d) the soldiers.
  5. What can you learn from this passage to apply to your own life?