Sermon, Sunday April 13, 2014

When I went through school I was always the little guy. In my grade 8 boys graduation photo there’s a crowd of man-sized creatures and one smurf. I was the smurf. I also had a big mouth, which makes for a bad combination. Big mouth and small body; I was a magnet for bullies. Kind of like a seal for a Great White shark. I spent much of my grade school days dreaming about justice – what it would be like for the Neanderthals in my class to get pay back for punching me in the head and ripping my shirt. I imagined them getting the exact treatment I had received. In today’s story God brings justice and Phew! He does not go soft on bullies.

1 Samuel 15

Sermon, April 13, 2014 – Andrew Allison 1 Samuel 15

Bulletin April 13, 2014

Study Questions: 1 Samuel 15

  1. Tell the story of a time when you were bullied. How did that turn out in the end?
  2. God commands that every Amalekite man, woman and child be put to the sword. Explain how that makes sense.
  3. Saul didn’t do all that God commanded. Why not?
  4. God didn’t kill Saul for his disobedience but God did take away Saul’s role as king. Explain how this is a form of God’s discipline for His children.
  5. What has God clearly commanded you to do? Are you doing it wholeheartedly?
  6. This week is Easter week, the account of the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. How does Easter help us makes sense of 1 Samuel 15?





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