Easter 2014

When the Israelites and the Philistines squared off in the Valley of Elah, it began as old-school warfare. Then the Philistines sent out their champion, a giant, who suggested a more civilized way to do warfare, one on one. Why have all this bloodshed? Let’s just do this man to man. It sounded reasonable but everyone knew the odds were heavily stacked in the Philistine favor. It got ugly when the giant not only taunted the Israelite army but also the Israelite God. That was his last bad idea. God could have used anyone to ‘solve’ the problem, but on this day it was kid, a rock and a sling shot.

sheep in snow

Sermon, Friday, April 18, 2014 – Liz Honeyford 1 Samuel 16

Study Questions: 1 Samuel 16

  1. Vs 1 A time for action.  Samuel mourns for Saul, but God is working and sends Samuel on a mission.  Have you ever been ‘stuck’ on something and unable to move with God?
  2. Who impresses you? Why do you think Samuel thought Eliab  was God’s chosen king? (verse 6) What criteria do you think  Samuel was using?
  3. Vs 7 God sees the heart and does not judge by outward appearance. What characteristics are important to God? Discuss the difference between people’s normal way of assessing others, and God’s way.
  4. When David is anointed he is filled with the Holy  Spirit.  What does that mean to you?
  5. Vs 14 – 23 Notice and discuss the sovereignty of God.  God permits a spirit to afflict Saul, He gives musical talent to David, and people observe and put it together.  All this to put David in the  royal court.  Share how God has worked things in your life for His purposes.



Sermon, Sunday April 20, 2014 – Andrew Allison 1 Samuel 17

Study Questions: 1 Samuel 17

  1. The Bible takes time to describe, in great detail, the specifics  of Goliath’s size and weapons along with the specifics of his taunts. Describe a time when you felt overwhelmed by the size of foe or a problem.
  2. Everybody else on Israel’s side seems overwhelmed by Goliath-intimidation, David is tuned in to God-domination. Describe the difference.
  3. David is out of his element in Saul’s armor, what might the message be behind that part of the story?
  4. David gets full marks for courage on this day and for being a good shot with the sling but without question God brings the victory. What does ‘the battle is the LORD’s’ mean in your life today?
  5. Discuss the connections and parallels between David’s win and Jesus’ Easter ‘win’.

Bulletin Easter 2014