Sermon, Sunday April 27, 2014

Song of Solomon (a strange but sweet book in the bible) 7:15 says this,

“I am my Beloved’s and His desire is for me.”
God wants your heart.  That is why He created you and why He brought you here this morning.  He wants to meet with you!  He wants to!  So as you settle into worship this morning, set your heart on the fact that you are wanted by the One who makes all things new.


Sermon, April 27, 2014 – Liz Honeyford 1 Samuel 18

Bulletin April 27, 2014

Sermon Questions: 1 Samuel 18

  1. Jonathan and David are close friends.  Reflect how God has given you friendships in your life to help you through difficult times.  Talk about how God has used you to stand by friends.
  2. How do we respond to the success of others?   What is jealousy and how does murder connect to Saul’s jealousy of David?
  3. Vs 10 God permits evil to be a part of His process.  Describe the effect of evil upon Saul and David.
  4. How can Saul be listening to worship music, then switch to being murderous?  Do you have consistency in your spiritual life?
  5. Marriage proposals have changed over the years.  What was Saul’s intent with this strange request from David?  Talk about how God has worked things for good in your life through circumstances.

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