Sermon, Sunday May 4, 2014

One of my pet peeves is when a thread comes loose on one of my favourite shirts. It usually leads to a series of regrettable choices. You know the experience, it’s hanging there and you should go get a pair of scissors and cut it off. But instead, you yank it quickly to try to snap it, but it just pulls more thread out. I figure I didn’t actually pull as hard as I needed to so I really yank it …

The only thing worse than having a shirt unravel on you is watching a life unravel. Enter King Saul …


Sermon May 4 2014 Andrew Allison 1 Samuel 19

Bulletin May 4, 2014

Study Question: 1 Samuel 19

  1. Saul felt threatened by David’s success. How do you handle other people’s success?
  2. Insecurity can take people to crazy places; Saul wanted David dead. Then he wanted everyone else to hate David as much as he did. Give an example of how you deal with your insecurity.
  3. Describe what David did when he felt threatened.
  4. Saul wound up naked ‘all day and all night’. Do you think there’s some kind of message from God in that?
  5. Describe a time when God exposed your heart and it didn’t ruin you but instead He used it to bring you closer to Himself and help you grow up.


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